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At this time Western Propeller remains open for business. We take the situation around COVID 19 very seriously and are doing our best to balance the needs of our family, our customers, and the whole of society. Anyone who can work from home, is enabled and encouraged to do so. We are taking strict measures in house to protect our family and their ability to do their jobs without risk to them and their families. Our doors are locked to ensure only necessary visitors are accepted, to keep the risk of transmission low. This will help ensure our production team complete and ship propellers as soon as possible.


We know everyone is under additional stresses and strains at this time and we are doing our best to hit our commitments so that our partners can hit theirs. Please understand at this time there are some issues that will arise that are out of our control and may possibly delay delivery of your product. We will do everything in our power to eliminate those issues and minimize the impact of any that we can’t eliminate. Please be patient with us as we work through these situations, and please communicate with us your needs as they may change so we are all on the same page.


If you no longer require your component as previously communicated, please let us know and we can reschedule our priorities as well ensuring our resources are focused on the jobs that are most urgent.


We hope you and your families are all well, healthy and safe at this time, and in the future. As always, if there is anything we can do to assist you, please don’t hesitate to call (604-273-4561) or email us.

View our COVID-19 Safety Plan here

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